Vatican rejects Williamson apology

It seems that the Holy See agrees that Richard Williamson’s apology is not convincing. Reports from the Press Secretary seem to indicate that the apology does not meet the demands of the Secretary of State.


3 thoughts on “Vatican rejects Williamson apology

  1. Oh how I wish this matter were over with already. I hope all of this drama is staged to keep the press distracted. If it isn’t I don’t know why things aren’t moving any more quickly.

  2. I agree Tony. It is bizarre that this is being played out in the media this way. My gut tells me that this is more about a lack of competence is some part of the Holy See.

  3. Personally I think there’s both … the Press AND Willaimson. After all, he triggered it off.

    I also would agree with Friar Rick that the Vatican needs to overhaul immediately their PR department.

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